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Course Status

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Rain overnight, slippery in places so take care please.

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We’re always looking for new ways to get juniors involved in and excited about golf, and our Junior Academy does this perfectly. As part of the Golf Foundation programme, we aim to instil the values of golf in every junior who learns with us, teaching them rules, etiquette, benefits, mental prep, and more.

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Progress is monitored as children move through colour ability levels, with the intention of getting them ready to play on the course. Juniors between ages 4 and 15 are separated into age groups, and work to ability levels as they learn to play well and confidently.

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During school holidays, we hold a Holiday Camp programme, which has two options to suit varying abilities. For 4-16 year olds, skills are taught through games initially, and developed through practice on the course, a great way to commit what is learned to memory.



Eagle Camp

Running all day, from 9am to 4pm, Eagle Camp is for more experienced juniors, who play games in the morning to refine skills, then spend the afternoon putting them into practice on the course. This all leads up to helping young golfers make the leap to playing full rounds of golf confidently, following course rules and etiquette, and with skill.

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Birdie Camp 

This half-day camp starts at 9am and ends at 12pm, and focuses on helping less experienced juniors improve their skills all round before moving up to the next level. Skills are learned through cultivated activities and games designed to get children practicing vital parts of the game.


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Golf days

The Hertfordshire Golf & Country Club is the perfect place to book your society golf day

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This girl can golf

Practice your swing and your socialising, with like minded ladies.

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Find your level

Book an assessment with our Golf Development Professional (GDP) to get you started

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The Hertfordshire Golf Club In Pictures

Explore The Hertfordshire Golf Club through the eyes of our players and guests. Upload your own pictures to Instagram using the hashtag #thehertfordshiregolfclub to get yours shown!

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